Who is Ryan Menacho?

Ryan Menacho - Digital Marketing, Music, and GraphicsRyan Menacho is a Digital Marketer, Social Media Strategist, Musician, Graphic Designer, and Web Developer

I have designed this website to accomplish two tasks: be a resource for musicians, social media students, and digital marketers in general, and as a portfolio for much of the work I’ve done. Take a look around and enjoy!

About Me

 I grew up in Tualatin, OR, a small suburb about 20 minutes outside of Portland (well it used to be small anyways… it’s extremely crowded these days). I graduated from the University of Oregon in June of 2016 with a degree in marketing.

Currently I work for two companies: Prepared Marketing & Uber

Prepared + Uber 2

At Prepared Marketing I work as a digital marketing consultant. I primarily work with small businesses who have never truly utilized the internet as a means of bringing in clients. I help business owners get started by building them a website from scratch, or starting them on their first social media strategy. I also offer services such as logo design, SEO, and Google Adwords; all things to get a business growing in the online space.

At Uber, I work as a Brand Ambassador Lead. My job is to build the brand ambassador team by constantly finding and recruiting good talent, and I also lead that team through setting up and coordinating events. My primary goal in the Portland area is to grow Uber’s rider base and build relationships with businesses who want to help us do the same. There is a lot Uber can offer beyond simply getting people to and from their destination. Check out Uber Kittens and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Yes, we drove cute kittens to people’s houses or place of work.

Outside of work, I am an avid musician


I play the guitar, I DJ, and I love to write and produce my own music. You can find some of my tracks over on my Artwork & Music Portfolio. Additionally, I really enjoy putting together EDM mixes; these are one hour length mixes consisting of all electronic music, mixed together so that each song flows beautifully into the next. The music doesn’t end for a full hour. You can find one of these such mixes on my Blog/Music Choice page. On this page I write blog posts about lots of different things, but I also post music regularly. Most of it is dance music, but I include all sorts of different genres.